Getting Dental Implants: Knowing What To Expect

Dental implants can be used to help restore even the most damaged smiles. Unfortunately, some people avoid this dental procedure simply because they don't know what to expect throughout the rather lengthy process of having their implants put in place. If you are one of these individuals, taking the time to review the step by step guide below can help you to feel comfortable moving forward with your quest for the perfect smile through the use of dental implants.

How To Whiten Your Teeth (While Staying Green)

Chemical teeth whiteners can often hurt the environment and/or animals because of the chemical's hydrogen peroxide content (which was proposed to become a regulated substance due to its potential harmful effects on aquatic life). However, there are ways to get a whiter smile without making the earth pay the price; if you're looking for natural techniques for teeth whitening, then here are a few methods to try. Method #1: Lemons and Baking Soda