Emergency Denture Repair: How To Get Your Dentures Repaired In A Hurry

Dentures, despite the fact that they are made from some pretty tough material, can still be broken when you accidentally step on them or when you bite into extremely hard or tough foods. Just like real teeth, you can break a false tooth off a denture, or crack and chip it too. When you need your dentures fixed right away, but it is the weekend and no dental office is open, you might have to choose one of the following emergency denture repair options. [Read More]

Suffering From A Migraine? Botox Can Help

Do you experience migraines on a regular basis? If so, you may find relief from your pain through a series of Botox treatments. Botox is a drug that is used to help men and women remove wrinkles from their face. The drug is injected into the facial skin, and it freezes the muscles in the face to prevent wrinkles from forming. While Botox is generally used for cosmetic purposes, the Federal Drug Administration approved its use for the treatment of migraines in 2010. [Read More]

3 Orthodontic Appliances Used To Treat Overbites

An overbite happens when the upper teeth stick out further than the lower teeth due either to improperly positioned teeth or jawbones. Orthodontics treatment is often sufficient to correct an overbite. But the orthodontist might have to prescribe some specialized appliances beyond braces to ensure the overbite is fully corrected. Here are three of the appliances your orthodontist might recommend to treat your overbite. Bite Plate A bite plate is a rigid acrylic appliance with a metal clasp that secures it onto your teeth. [Read More]

2 Recipes For Creating Your Own Toothpaste

If you have concerns about the safety of some of the ingredients that are in your toothpaste, you may want to try your hand at making your own. Making your own toothpaste eliminates a lot of the chemicals that are normally found in commercial toothpastes. The following are two recipes you can use to create your own toothpaste. Baking Soda And Salt Toothpaste Fluoride is one ingredient in commercial toothpaste that has caused a lot of controversy because of the debate about its safety. [Read More]