Distressed About Dentures? How To Handle The Emotional Aspects Of Needing Dentures Before Middle Age

If you have yet to reach your middle-age years and are told you need dentures, it's normal to feel a little apprehensive. You may worry how dentures will change your appearance. You may feel embarrassed about needing dentures.

Whether you need dentures due to poor dental health or a medical condition, you can ease your anxiety by knowing what to expect and how to handle your emotions regarding dentures.

Schedule a consultation

Fear of the unknown leads to anxiety and apprehension. Meeting with your dentist or local denture clinic will give you the opportunity to ask questions about the process of getting dentures. Make a list of questions and concerns to take along to your visit.

Look forward to your new smile

Focus on the positive aspects of getting dentures. If you need dentures, it's likely your teeth have been deteriorating for a long time. You may have had missing or discolored teeth. You may have experienced pain, discomfort, and problems with your bite being uneven.

Having poor dental health often leads you to hide your smile by covering your mouth with your hand when you laugh. You may feel self-conscience and avoid social conditions due to being embarrassed about your teeth.

Dentures will give you a brand new smile complete with white teeth. You may find you are smiling more and will likely enjoy showing off your new smile to your friends and family. However, don't feel as if you have to tell everyone you have dentures. With today's modern dentures, people will assume they are your natural teeth.

Accept your need for dentures

Even young people have medical issues that need addressed. Would you think less of a person who needed a kidney transplant or an artificial knee or hip? Needing dentures is no different. Nearly everyone has some health condition they have to deal with eventually.

Regardless of the reason why you need dentures, don't allow negative thoughts to discourage you. Not everyone is born with strong and healthy teeth. Poor dental health can lead to other medical conditions and needs to be dealt with. Try to view your dentures in a medical sense as something you need to improve your overall health.

Be prepared for an adjustment period

Getting fitted for dentures requires an adjustment period. You will likely experience some irritation or discomfort initially as you adjust to your new teeth. Talk to your denture clinic staff about what to expect, and prepare to follow all of their recommendations and guidelines closely.

Spend some time learning to speak and eat with your new dentures. Don't feel the need to rush the process. Take your time. Eventually, you will be a pro at wearing dentures.

Feeling nervous about getting dentures is normal. However, discussing what to expect with a denture clinic like Premium Care Denture Centre Ltd will help to ease your fears. Focusing on the positive aspects of dentures, rather than the negative, will help you look forward to your new and healthy smile.