How to Make Ill-Fitting Dentures Fit Better with Relining

After you have your dentures placed, you may experience discomfort from an ill fit. This can come from changes in your mouth as you age or lose weight (both of which can make your dentures fit improperly on your gums) or be a result from a reduction in swelling that occurs after your dentures have been placed when you have your teeth removed. Since poorly fitting dentures can be painful, you may want to replace your dentures entirely. But rather than pay money for new dentures, you can make your current ones fit better by having them relined. Learn different types of denture relines that can make your mouth happier.

Soft reline

If your mouth is very sensitive to your dentures and they cause you pain, you may want to ask about a soft reline. This procedure involves lining the areas of your dentures with a softer material for a more snug, comfortable fit. A soft acrylic is placed along the edges of your dentures by your dentist's lab to make them more cushioning on your gums. A soft reline can last for several months and can provide temporary comfort from dentures that pinch or are painful.

Hard reline

A hard reline is done on dentures when they go from fitting comfortably to becoming loose due to age or mouth changes. This type of reline is made using hard acrylic and is something your dentist may do every few years as your mouth naturally undergoes changes. As you visit your dentist for regular checkups, they will check your gums and dentures to make sure they are still fitting as they should and may suggest a reline if your dentures are becoming loose or are allowing food to get stuck in your gums. If your dentures are normally not a bother to you, then a hard reline (one of the most common types of denture reline) may be an option for you.

A denture reline can be done in a dentist's office or be done in a lab, depending on what your dentist recommends. The results can be long-lasting, but you should still visit your dentist regularly to make sure your dentures and their relines are in good repair. Rather than replacing your current dentures, you can have your current ones relined so they fit your mouth's current shape much better. This is a convenience to you that can save you money, and is something your dentist will be happy to have done for you. For further concerns or questions find out about Hayes Denture Clinic denture relines or contact another dentist in your locality.