Emergency Denture Repair: How To Get Your Dentures Repaired In A Hurry

Dentures, despite the fact that they are made from some pretty tough material, can still be broken when you accidentally step on them or when you bite into extremely hard or tough foods. Just like real teeth, you can break a false tooth off a denture, or crack and chip it too. When you need your dentures fixed right away, but it is the weekend and no dental office is open, you might have to choose one of the following emergency denture repair options.

Temporary Repair Kits

Some pharmacies or drug stores sell temporary denture repair kits. Included in these kits are orally safe bonding agents that "glue" your broken dentures back together and hold them together just long enough for you to schedule and keep an emergency appointment with a denture clinic, like Boviz Denture Clinic, on Monday. If you choose to buy and use one of these repair kits, just be aware of the fact that you should not immediately return to that tough beef steak or hard candy, because the kit's bonding agents will not hold up under a round of hard biting or chewing.

Emergency Denture/Dental Clinics

A few dentists keep their offices open on Saturday mornings for emergency procedures only. If you are so fortunate as to have found a dentist or denturist that keeps these extra weekend hours, you can call and arrange an emergency appointment. The downside is that if your dentures break after emergency office hours, you will still have to wait until Monday, or find another clinic that is open during a different set of weekend hours. There is also the possibility that the dental or denture office is "on call" throughout the weekend, meaning that you will have to leave a voicemail and wait for the dentist or denturist on call to call you back.

Hospital Emergency Rooms 

Once in a while, a dentist or denturist is on call for the local hospital. He or she handles oral trauma cases, but if there is no other way to get your dentures repaired quickly, you may stop in the hospital's emergency room. If there is not a dentist or denturist on call with the hospital, the emergency room doctor may be able to provide you with a temporary solution. The doctor may have a phone consultation with a denturist or dentist regarding your problem, too. It is the most indirect solution to your broken denture problem, but it may at least alleviate some of your concerns and provide you with a referral to a clinic that is open on the weekends.