3 Orthodontic Appliances Used To Treat Overbites

An overbite happens when the upper teeth stick out further than the lower teeth due either to improperly positioned teeth or jawbones. Orthodontics treatment is often sufficient to correct an overbite. But the orthodontist might have to prescribe some specialized appliances beyond braces to ensure the overbite is fully corrected.

Here are three of the appliances your orthodontist might recommend to treat your overbite.

Bite Plate

A bite plate is a rigid acrylic appliance with a metal clasp that secures it onto your teeth. The plate is designed to keep your back teeth from closing together to increase the amount of pressure placed on the front upper teeth. This added pressure helps push back severe overbites.

You might find it difficult to eat wearing a bite plate since the rear teeth can't perform the chewing. But some bite plates are removable and your orthodontist might let you take the plate out while eating. If you do have to leave the plate in your mouth, try eating soft foods like soup, mashed potatoes, or well-cooked meats.

The good news is that a bite plate is only a short-term part of the orthodontic treatment. If you follow your orthodontist's instructions for wearing the plate, you will improve your chances of getting the plate out even faster.

Twin Block

If you are young enough that your jawbone is still growing into position, your orthodontist might recommend a twin block appliance. This appliance features two rigid plates that snap together when your mouth is closed.

The appliance places forward pressure on your lower jaw so that it will shift forward to close the gap caused by the overbite. Moving the jaw won't necessarily close the overbite completely as the teeth themselves can still be misaligned. But the twin block can serve as a good starting point in treatment before braces are used to straighten the teeth.


Retainers are a fairly common treatment after your braces, because the appliance helps teeth stay in their new position once the braces come off. But retainers can play a particularly important role in overbite aftercare.

Overbite treatment can often involve both jaw and tooth manipulation so there's are multiple parts that risk moving back into incorrect positions. Your orthodontist might recommend constant wear of retainers until it's clear that your bone and teeth are stable in their new position.

Note that your orthodontic treatment program might evolve along the way to include different appliances. Your orthodontist will craft the treatment around your ongoing progress so that you can achieve the best results in the shortest period of time. Talk with someone like York & Bay Dental Office Orthodontics for more information about how to adjust your bite.