Getting Dental Implants: Knowing What To Expect

Dental implants can be used to help restore even the most damaged smiles. Unfortunately, some people avoid this dental procedure simply because they don't know what to expect throughout the rather lengthy process of having their implants put in place. If you are one of these individuals, taking the time to review the step by step guide below can help you to feel comfortable moving forward with your quest for the perfect smile through the use of dental implants.

Step 1: Create A Dental Mold

The very first thing your dentist will need to do is create a mold of your existing teeth and surrounding tissue. The purpose of this mold is to allow dental crowns to be fabricated that will closely mimic the size and shape of your natural teeth. Not only will this allow you to enjoy a more natural looking smile, but it will also help to ensure a more comfortable fit.

Step 2: Extract Damaged Or Decaying Teeth

Once your dentist has captured a mold of your mouth, they will be able to move forward with any necessary tooth extractions. This will typically be completed in the same visit as your dental mold.

Since extended recovery times can greatly lengthen the overall implant process, your dentist will perform all necessary extractions during one visit.

Step 3: Surgically Place Implants

After a few weeks, the swelling that resulted from any extractions you required should have subsided. At this time, your dentist will be able to surgically place your implants. This is done by making a small incision in your gums, drilling a hole deep into your jawbone, and placing the implant into the opening in your jawbone. A separate hole will need to be drilled for each implant you will be receiving. At this point in the process, you will not be able to see or feel the implants beneath your gums.

As your bone heals from the procedure, it will begin to grow around the implant. This will provide the strength that the implant needs to stand up to the wear and tear on your new teeth.

Step 4: Attach Metal Posts And Crowns

The process of recovering from the surgical placement of your implants can take several months. Once this recovery process is complete, your dentist  (such as Dr William Prusin) will again make a small incision in your gums in order to attach small metal posts to each of your implants. Using dental cement, your custom crowns will then be attached to each of the metal posts. This completes the process of getting dental implants.