Three Things You Should Know About The Care Of Little Teeth

Your little one may be reluctant to take good care of their teeth, or they may be too young to really understand the importance, but it is your job to ensure that oral health is a big deal for your child. Giving your child's little teeth enough attention could be more important than you think. Here are three things you should know about the care of your child's baby teeth and how it could affect them permanently.

The Effect On Permanent Teeth

If your child has problems with their first set of teeth that are not properly tended to by a dentist, the issues could easily lead to problems when permanent teeth come in. Dental caries, or a form of tooth decay that was often referred to baby-bottle decay in the past, can lead to compromise in the pulp and roots of the teeth, which can affect oral health for years down the road. This bacterial tooth decay is often caused by food left in the mouth for long periods of time, such as when a child is put to bed with a bottle of milk.

Affecting Your Child's Development

Teeth that are decayed or misshaped can cause delays in your child's development in certain areas. A little one may have problems with pronouncing certain sounds to form words if there are problems with their teeth. Furthermore, if your child is experiencing pain that is associated with dental issues, they could be distracted in the classroom. Therefore, it is imperative that regular dental exams are part of your child's comprehensive health plan. 

Bad Teeth Can Affect Your Little One's Emotional Well-Being

One of the most important things in a child's life is their ability to interact safely with the world around them. If, when they smile, they receive a negative response, it can have an affect on their emotional state of mind and have consequences for many years down the road. If they are made fun of by other children because of their teeth, they may regress and not build social relationships as they should. Problems with decay or speech could easily provoke negative responses from their peers and should be addressed right away.

Taking good care of your child's health needs is an important part of being a responsible parent. Make sure you do not leave out oral health by finding good dentists to see with your child for all of the recommended checkups and procedures.