5 Ways To Reduce Oral Cancer

You may not be too excited about going to the dentist, but you can get an oral cancer screening while you are there. This can give you peace of mind in knowing you don't have this disease. There are a number of factors that strongly contribute to oral cancer. Knowing the ways to reduce the possibility of oral cancer can help your teeth, and gums stay healthy

Avoid tobacco products

A large contributor to oral cancer involves smoking and the use of other tobacco products. This includes smoking cigarettes, cigars and even chewing tobacco consistently can increase the odds of your getting cancer in the mouth.

Avoid alcohol

Regularly engaging in alcoholic drinks may contribute to oral cancer. Having an alcoholic drink occasionally is fine, but daily use could cause potential health problems to occur orally.

Avoid too much sun

Getting a reasonable amount of sunshine can provide your body with adequate amounts of vitamin D. However, overexposing yourself to the ultraviolet rays may increase the possibility of lip cancer.

Consider limiting the time you are outdoors and always use a lip balm when outside for an extended amount of time.

Avoid marijuana

This drug is illegal in many states and should be avoided, as well, for your oral health. Routinely smoking marijuana could result in an increased possibility of oral cancer.

Avoid high-fat foods

It's important to eat a balanced diet if you want to keep your body and your mouth healthy. Eating foods that are low in nutrients and contain large amounts of fat or sugar can contribute to bad oral health.

Be sure to eat a diet that has the recommended amount of protein and carbohydrates on a daily basis for optimal health in all areas of your body.

Avoid infections

One of the contributors to oral cancer is the HPV infection. This can be contacted from others and is frequently contacted by having sexual relations with another person. HPV is a group of 100 viruses with 30 strains that can also contribute to oral cancer.

Be aware of the health of any individual you are considering engaging in sexual activity with to help you avoid the possibility of catching this virus.

Finally, being aware of the causes of oral cancer can help eliminate the possibility of you getting it. Be sure to discuss this disease with your dentist to ensure you are taking all of the necessary precautions to avoid it. To learn more, contact a company like Dentistry Plus for help.